FabCity Bay Area

FabCity: Building Community-Centered Creative Industries in the Bay Area


We implement and support "impact projects" that bring together schools, industry, City government and community groups. These impact projects focus on enriching the lives of multigenerational and multiethnic communities that make our cities culturally rich and economically vibrant.

FabCity belongs to a network of 28 cities, regions and countries that have pledged to help make their cities self-sustaining by 2054. We apply an equity and cultural lens to this effort, bridging education and civic engagement in our projects and practice.

FabCity Feature Presentation

City/Cite: Translating Arts and Urban Development


Tommy Wong of FabCity and Civic Design Studio moderates an international panel of urban planners to talk about public arts and equitable development in the Oakland, San Francisco and Paris, France.

Co-presented by California Humanities and Villa San Francisco.

+ Elisse Douglass / Oakland Black Business Fund

+ Joshua Simon / Community Arts Stabilization Trust

+ Emilie Moreau / Apur, the Paris Urbanism Agency

+ Sophie Rosso / REDMAN

+ Ronak Davé Okoye / SPUR

+ Tommy Wong / Civic Design Studio and FabCity

FabCity Feature Project

Civic Design Studio, Oakland Unified School District and MidPen Affordable Housing

FabCity partner Civic Design Studio worked during the pandemic to create over 50 large scale public art pieces with 5 Oakland Unified high schools that focus on arts, design and technology. Kinetic wall sculptures, concrete floor designs, and digital and painted interior installations filled the new affordable housing developments for MidPen Housing at the new Brooklyn Basin developments in Oakland.

Students and teachers from the 5 high schools researched and discussed affordable housing, homelessness, and the history and cultures around Brooklyn Basin. In a completely decentralized learning environment due to Covid, Civic Design Studio executed a project that was completely unique and ambitious in the pandemic, to rave reviews from City government and the affordable housing development community.

In the video, heads of City government including the Mayor Libby Schaaf, Council President Nikki Fortunado Bas, affordable housing developers, community leaders and high school artists met to celebrate this unique effort.

We are cities of cultural diversity and resilience, facing unprecedented challenges of the Covid pandemic, racial injustice, and economic and political inequity. Through the lens of art, culture, design and technology, FabCity is building and supporitng a new CREATIVE INDUSTRY that highlights and finds solutions to these entrenched civic problems.

Across the Bay Area, the potential for the development of CREATIVE INDUSTRIES is huge. There are currently thousands of jobs in the Bay Area that involve creative digital fabrication across different disciplines: craft art, commercial and industrial design, exhibit design, molding shaping and casting, UX design, etc...

By centering community needs in workforce and economic development, we see the birth of CREATIVE INDUSTRIES that improves the lives of all members of our communities.